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Recovery Homes and Admissions 

If you or a loved one needs treatment, our pre-screening questionnaire is the quickest way to start the process.

 This questionnaire asks a range of questions including detailed histories of mental health, substance use, and medical procedures.   

We collect medical, mental health and substance use histories to be able to form the best possible treatment plan. If you or the individual you are filling out this form for has insurance, this information will also help us make sure that insurance is able to cover as much of the costs of treatment as possible.   If you are filling out this questionnaire for someone other than yourself, we ask you to be as thorough and accurate as possible. Please use the information of the individual who will be attending treatment.

Any information submitted is transmitted through a secure connection and stored on HIPAA compliant servers. We take your privacy very seriously and are committed to making sure any personal information is entirely protected.

Perinatal and Pregnancy Recovery Center

The Perinatal and Pregnancy Recovery Home is a safe place for moms experiencing mental health and substance use challenges. There are many influences on mental health and substance use including social and environmental factors. Sankofa Strives to create a valuable and effective program for women to seek treatment and become their happier and healthier selves.

Services include : 

  • Co-dependency ( We teach women to become independent ) 
  • How to build self esteem 
  • Case management 
  • Access to health care providers such as nurses, therapists, and psychiatrists
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Tactics

 Often times other factors influence mental health and substance use challenges such as, childcare needs, financial independence and support. Sankofa works with all participants to receive any support needs for the most efficient and beneficial treatment plan in and out of program. 

Sankofa offers a highly structured program creating the ability to develop life long friendships and supporters. Participants will have the ability to learn about other participants in the program, share their own stories and develop a sober support system based on being completely transparent with themselves and those around them. We take pride in creating a safe place for participants to express their feelings and their needs regarding mental health as well.

The maximum occupancy for our center is currently 3 women. Please be aware that spots fill quickly.

Pre-Screening  Application:


Our Youth -Safe recovery housing offers individuals who have gone through treatment and or are currently in treatment a safe environment with positive peer support for living a life where substances don't get in the way of accomplishing goals and dreams. During a time when young people can be ambivalent about recovery, discovering that life can indeed be full and fun without the use of substances becomes an important part of the decision to stay in recovery. By living with other young people who are also committed to living substance free, young adults new to recovery find the encouragement and support they need to make long-term decisions about living in recovery.

Pre-Screening  Application:

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