Sankofa Educational Leadership United Company 

Sankofa Educational Leadership United Company 


Programs Services 

Criminal Justice Reform Professional Development Classes offered 

Community Capacity Building 101: An overview and definition of community capacity building and its core components, which includes partnerships with neighborhood faith and community organizations, parent and family engagement, and youth engagement in a strengths-based framework.

Community Engagement 101: An overview of community engagement with a specific focus on engaging grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations as meaningful partners in system reform efforts.  This training highlights examples of successful system-community partnerships, identifies opportunities for new program development built on community strengths, and provides helpful principles for new partnership development between non-traditional stakeholders and government agencies.

Family Engagement 101: An overview of strengths-based family engagement, which involved parents and other family members as assets in the juvenile justice reform process.  This training highlights best practices in family engagement as well as examples of successful family-driven policy reform.  This training includes recommendations for engaging family members as not only partners in services and planning for their children, but also as partners in the juvenile justice reform process.

Youth Engagement 101: An overview of strengths-based youth engagement, with a special focus on positive youth development and peer leadership.  This training highlights best practices for engaging youth as assets and leaders, and explores youth leadership development and peer mentoring, specifically the practice of having formerly system-involved young adults mentor youth in the juvenile justice system.

Parent Peer Coaching: A training to equip parents who have experienced a child’s involvement in the juvenile justice system to serve as “peer coaches” for families who are currently going through the system.

Rites of Passage Mentoring: Training for formerly system-involved young adults to serve as mentors for youth in the juvenile justice system, which can be paired with the Interactive Journaling curriculum which provides a foundation in evidence-based approaches to reducing juvenile recidivism.

Rites of Passage Mentoring Program 

Rites of Passage program is dedicated to improving the lives of youth. We support youth as they navigate school, work, and life in their perspective communities as they navigate the journey from childhood to adulthood in a supported, mentored way. Our goal is to help juvenile courts and families to build better solutions for children 

Supervised visitation 

SELU provides supervised visitation by trained visitation monitors who observe visits and provider real time coaching  and a written report on the quality of the visit and visit activities.

  • Monitors are trained to provide real time parent coaching 
  • SELU provides group visitations and activities 1X month, open to all participants.
  • Our program limits visitation to 2-4 hours at a time and typically twice a week.

Please e-mail us at to begin our intake process . 

Our intake process includes scheduling appointments with both the custodial and non-custodial parents/caregivers and providing a visitation orientation and assessments. 

Title IX investigation services 

Here at Sankofa ELU,  we understand the importance of institutional compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and subsequent amendments . We are also cognizant of the responsibilities and challenges faced by K-12 settings , after school programs , colleges and universities   when such allegations arise. 
We urge school officials to adopt policies to prevent sexual assault on campus and to ensure that the school will be prepared to respond appropriately should an assault occur.

We help administrators adopt and vigorously implementing a comprehensive sexual assault policy that can help the school comply with its legal obligations under Title IX.

Sankofa ELU's Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Investigations Practice offers the knowledge and insight of leading experts who have extensive experience investigating allegations of sexual misconduct at educational institutions and at other organizations.

We are especially mindful of the unique sensitivities and concerns when conducting these kinds of investigations and are prepared to address each client’s specialized investigative needs.
In addition to providing independent investigations and retrospective reviews.
Sankofa ElU offers guidance on proactive and/or remedial measures that include assistance with policies and procedures as well as staff training and audits.

Discrimination services : 

    • Investigators are Impartial

    Nearly every organization has a policy against discrimination which includes a commitment to investigate and promptly resolve internal complaints.

    Pressures on human resources departments and in-house counsel, organizations may not be equipped to provide timely, independent, neutral investigations in response to claims. 

    As personable and skilled communicators  Sankofa ELU staff are effective investigators of workplace disputes, k-12 organizational disputes , non profit and after school programming disputed as well as college and university disputes.

    Independent investigations and neutral fact-findings have often led the parties to reach amicable resolution of the issues, enabling them to restore productive working relationships and avoid embarrassing, costly, and disruptive litiration .

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