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Emergency Shelter Access

Supporting Healthy Families -Emergency Shelter provides low barrier access to housing for those experiencing homelessness. 

Please complete short intake form to access emergency shelter . When you complete this form you will be immediately added to our waiting list 

Who does our shelter serve ? 
Our Supporting Healthy Families Emergency Shelter is low barrier . We provide shelter to Families , Families with children and single women .  
We follow the following priorities when deciding who to shelter : 
1.Families with children or Single women living in car or on the street 
2.Families that have children with children under the age of 2 ( these families will be first priority if the are also living in a car or on the street ) 
3. Families without children 
4.single women 

How Many Families do we have openings for each night ? 

We have 47 rooms ( 94 beds ) of various sizes open to families each night . 

How do I refer a family to the shelter ? We please call 608-618-9977 or complete the intake form above . Our intake specialist will respond within 24 hours . 

Rapid Rehousing Resources 

Rapid Rehousing 

SELU realizes that the luxury of having a place to call home is a luxury that not all people in Dane County have access to, and for many marginalized families in the community the basic need of housing security seems like an out of reach dream . Apart of our Supporting Healthy Families Initiative we have developed a  rapid rehousing and tenant based rental assistance program that can provide the support to marginalized families and can turn these dreams into reality. 

Our Rapid Rehousing Program is designed to provide a number of services which help you gain the skills and confidence for self-sufficiency. Strategies may include housing identification, financial assistance with move in and rental costs, and case management supportive services.  If you're struggling with homelessness, our programs can fill the gaps to get your life back on track. 

In order to gain access to our rapid rehousing program if you are not a family living in our Supporting Healthy Families Emergency Shelter please call Coordinated Entry (CE) for a screening and assessment. The screening will take place over the phone.  To leave a message for Coordinated Entry Homeless Services staff, call (608) 826-8019 or complete the CE Contact Form.