Sankofa Educational Leadership United Company 

Sankofa Educational Leadership United Company 



Who are we ? 

Sankofa Educational Leadership United was created to address the gross disparities in the black community across Wisconsin  under three pillars of service : Education, Health and the Criminal Justice System
Sankofa Educational Leadership United was created to address the gross disparities in the black community across Wisconsin under three pillars of service : Education, Health and the Criminal Justice System

The mission of Sankofa Educational Leadership United is to focus on eliminating racial and service delivery disparities that affect the African American community  across Wisconsin . We focus on three pillars of service; Education ,Criminal Justice, and Health.

Our first pillar is Education- Within the framework of education we work on eliminating the barriers between student learning and potential as they prepare to navigate a 21st century world . We provide training to educators, parents and community members .

Our second pillar is the Criminal Justice System where we work on gaps between community services and access to culturally relevant services  that are offered and how they support a multicultural community. We actively work towards criminal justice reform and helping both adults and children navigate the criminal justice system.

Our third pillar is the Health where we support families in their ability to access healthcare and quality of life by increasing their access to positive social determinants of health , their ability to navigate the healthcare system, and strategies that promote quality of life and long-term positive health outcomes. Recently we launched an initiative in partnership with Sistah's of African Decent, LLC  and Peace Network, INC called Supporting Healthy  Families; where we focus our resources on eliminating  negative social determinates of health in the black community.

SELU's Strategic Framework is anchored in a clear and compelling vision- SELU is committed to fostering skills  in families that will help them bloom from surviving to thriving. Central to that vision are the ideas that families and community members already hold the answers and are essential partners in our success and that when we align our efforts everyone has a charge-  community service providers, educators, community members , parents and children alike - Families will benefit.

At Sankofa Educational Leadership United we honor the gifts our clients bring to the table and add additional tools to their tool box by  teaching social and emotional skills through  therapeutic processes, psychoeducation, family support mentoring , peer mentoring . We do these things while  providing a flexible  service delivery model . 

What are we about ? 


As a group of true activist within the community, the Board Of Directors  of Sankofa Educational Leadership United is  an advocacy/consultant group dedicated to assisting community-based organizations , educational institutions and individuals in supporting community members by increasing access to education, employment and economic justice , housing security , mental health supports , and advocacy resources . 

 The Board Of Directors take a specific interest in improving corporate understanding and management of diversity in the workplace , community organizations that serve vulnerable populations and educational  and governmental institutions interested in collaborating on critical issues in dismantling institutional racism. 

The Boards Of Directors passion is to utilize their  knowledge and experience to advise, guide and assist leaders of non-profits,community organizations,and educational institutions committed to developing and enriching the lives and circumstances of under-resourced and underserved children and families.

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